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Ozzy Balkanli
4 min readSep 7, 2020


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Over the years, I always wanted the moment to come where things weren’t as hard and I didn’t have the problems I am facing in that moment.

I thought that I would to reach my full “happiness” if I finally solved the tormenting problem in front of me.

Problems, they say are a part of life, well…I didn’t want it to be part of mine.

My belief was that my problems were worse than anybody else’s and that it was never going to end.

This type of mentality got me feeling “stuck” for many months and, unfortunately, years that I was “facing” this problem.

Slowly, but surely, I realized I was problem solving the wrong way.

So, I changed my perspective.

I constantly reminded myself of this:

  1. Your thoughts create your feelings;
  2. Your feelings drive your actions;
  3. And your actions produce results

And now I understand that happiness comes and goes in waves and life doesn’t get easier just because one of your problems finally got resolved.

Truth is problems never go away. You already know this. You tackle one problem and then another arises.

The thing is, it’s not about getting rid of your problems. It’s about your beliefs, perspective and choices.

Start getting curious about your thoughts and why you’re having them. Then, let’s dive deep into the action steps.

Here’s How to Problem Solve Your Life in 5 Seconds in 3 Steps:

1. Take a close look at the problem, your feelings towards it, and ask important questions.

Look at your problem at face value by asking these questions: What is it? How is it affecting your life? Is it out of your control? Why is this a problem?

2. Question your thoughts.

What are your beliefs and thoughts around this problem? Why do you believe these to be true? Are you letting this problem define you? Will this problem matter in a month, a year…?

3. Make a choice to change your belief system and thoughts.

Then, ask yourself these questions: What is your problem teaching you? Is your problem going to make you a better contributor to society? Is your problem out of your control? If it’s out of your control, if it won’t matter in a month, a year or even a few years, ask yourself why you are choosing to dwell on this problem?

Each time the thought of your problem comes up, count to 5 and immediately choose to focus on a new thought.

Next, choose to have positive belief systems around your problem. Choose to not let your problem define. Choose to feel differently about your problem. Choose to change your thoughts. And most importantly, choose to focus on other parts of your life that you’re grateful for.

On the contrary, if it is within your control, then consider this (this is the most important advice I’ve gotten); If you were the main character in a movie, what would your character do to turn their life around right now? Got the answer? Good. TAKE MASSIVE (and messy) ACTION.

Choose to believe you can do hard things.

To create a new life for yourself requires patience, persistence and questioning your thoughts. Things will never get easier if you keep thinking things are hard for you. That whatever you’re going through is so difficult, and that you are never going to get unstuck.

One mantra to adapt is that you can do hard things. Instead of having the belief system that things are hard for you, you can choose to believe you can do hard things.

To get unstuck, you must let go of what is holding you back. And what’s holding you back is you. Your mindset of “things are hard for me”, “other people wouldn’t understand”, “my life is hard”. Feeling bad for yourself is so incredibly unproductive.

Now that you know that whether your problem goes away or not, nothing internally changes. So next, remember that you give meaning to your problems. You can either feel resilient and happy or put yourself down within the duration of the problem you are trying to solve.

If your problem involves a decision and if you are indecisive, know that no decision is wrong. Generally, if the answer isn’t coming to you, the answer is no. It’s kind of like gambling; but in a more positive light. You are at a 50/50 chance at getting the “right” answer, but either way, you can’t lose. It’s either a lesson learned or an adventure.

One things that’s interesting and why I mention you can problem solve your life in 5 seconds is that it’s incredibly simple to change your life within seconds with your choices by not choosing to dwell on your negative thoughts. Think about it: how many times have you let your negative thought take charge and let the day get ruined by it?

All we have to do is train our brain to think differently. It’s essentially another habit that we have to form — so, it’s not going to be easy, but it’s incredibly simple.

That’s it. That’s all you have to do. So, in summary, question your feelings around the problem, ask important questions, look deep into your thoughts and change your belief systems around the problem.

Always remember: What you focus on is what you manifest.

Congrats on problem solving your life in 5 seconds.


“One day you will wake up and there won’t be any more time to do the things you’ve always wanted. Do it now.” — Paul Coelho



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