Self-Love Meditation Practice & the Benefits of Meditation

If you give yourself a small goal of meditating for 3 minutes each day, you will be more likely to build a habit of meditating.

I want you to know, just like anything else in this life, you’ll get better with time and please be patient and non-judgmental. You won’t be great your first time, and that is perfectly okay. I also don’t want you to feel constrained to having to do it every morning, or blaming your bad days because you didn’t meditate that day. It shouldn’t feel like a punishment, but rather a more peaceful, loving moment to yourself.

Here are some things meditation is about and not about:

Meditation IS NOT about:

  • Fixing you
  • Escaping reality
  • Stopping negative thoughts
  • Being part of a religion

Rather, meditation is a way to:

  • Reduce everyday stress of life
  • Train and rewire your brain
  • Strengthening neural connections
  • Connect better with others
  • Reduce the chattering voices in your head
  • Focus on your mind
  • Understand your pain/yourself
  • Bring calmness to your everyday
  • Combat whatever your day may bring
  • Increase your concentration skills



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Ozzy Balkanli

Ozzy Balkanli

Innately curious about finding meanings, purpose and authenticity.